Sound Art Scrapbook

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Sound Art Scrapbook

Sound Art Scrapbook

From August until the beginning of November 2013, MoMA will be hosting “Soundings: A Contemporary Score,” their first ever exhibition of sound art. According to Barbara London’s introductory essay, the exhibition

Features recent work by sixteen young artists … [who come from around the world] and have a broad understanding of art, architecture, performance, telecommunications, philosophy, and music. … [Across mediums,] listening and hearing remain central to their practices.

Going through the samples available on the exhibition website and the preview of the catalog Soundings: A Contemporary Score which includes London’s essay outlining the emergence of sound art as an art form since the 60s, I wanted to gather together some of the media mentioned in the essay as well as some additional samples from the 16 artists (Camille Norment, Tristan Perich, Susan Philipsz, Florian Hecker, Richard Garet, Haroon Mirza, Christine Sun Kim, Marco Fusinato, Luke Fowler, Toshiya Tsunoda, Jana Winderen, Hong-Kai Wang, Sergei Tcherepnin, Stephen Vitiello, Jacob Kirkegaard and Carsten Nicolai) contributing work to the show. This will follow a somewhat chronological order, but in general this is very rough.

Laurie Anderson


John Cage

See descriptions of projects in the database of works on the John Cage website. Filtering results by premiere dates 1960 – 1969 and 1970 – 1979.

Also, “Empty Words.”


David Tudor

Neural Synthesis [No. 2]


Rainforest (1968)


Joan Jonas


Terry Fox


Charlemagne Palestine


La Monte Young, Marian Zazeela & The Theatre of Eternal Music


Martin Kippenberger


Throbbing Gristle.

TGV 1.1 – Recording Heathen Earth (1980-02-16).


Barbara Ess


Cia Rinne – Sounds for soloists


Caroline Bergvall


Jana Winderen

Wind Over Old Land (Neumes Du Vent – Lágrimas De Miedo 15, 2010)


Christina Kubish

The Magnetic City (excerpt)


Itinerary of Sound (interview)


Bill Viola

The Messenger (excerpt)


Christian Marclay



Marco Fusinato

Mass Black Implosion (Shaar, Iannis Xenakis), 2012, Ink on archival facsimile of score;  framed, 5 parts, 82 x 109.5 cm each (framed), Courtesy the artist and Anna Schwartz Gallery


Susan Philipsz



Jacob Kirkegaard

AION (excerpt)

from Labyrinthitis [Touch]


Camille Norment

Within the Toll


Richard Garet

Extraneous to the Message


Luke Fowler & Richard Young


Toshiya Tsunoda

Air Vibration Of Elevator Motor Room In Stairwell


Haroon Mirza


Carsten Nicolai



Tristan Perich

From 1-Bit Symphony Album


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