Clarity Speaks of a Crystal Sea


Clarity Speaks of a Crystal Sea

Clarity Speaks of a Crystal Sea holds open a space for sense-making which would be invisible to a purely semantic definition of meaning. For me, a field of text is a material space in which there is always an excess of information. This excess becomes tangible when its phonetic patterns are heard; when we see words within a space, mapped out, near, far, and against one another; when traces of its development are seen as signs of practice and process.

This project asks what would happen if we allowed visual and auditory connections space to develop, extend and accrue. This extension and accrual is a narrative in and of itself while the trajectory and transformation of linguistic characters becomes character. The project borrows language; cuts and refolds it; bodies; it bodies; it requires more than one mouth; more than one pair of eyes; it becomes language with a visible shadow.

Through formal experimentation this text builds to find out. Rather than finding a “transparent medium” I hope that readers begin to feel this excess of possible meaning viscerally. If clarity exists, it is an illusion produced by instability. If clarity speaks of a crystal sea, it is perhaps for want of one.

Flim Forum Press, 2014