Notes on reading Ban en Banlieue

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Notes on reading Ban en Banlieue

Notes on reading Ban en Banlieue

Ban en Banlieue, when to write is not enough, when one must do as   [performance   [embue w/ meaning that, which is, ordinarily overlooked; surround it w/ a frame of one’s own telling.

Ban en Banlieue, “As the text of a present moves so rapidly it cannot be written.”

Ban en Banlieue, surround it w/ a frame of one’s own telling, when frames are [   of] the problem.

Ban en Banlieue, “To leak a seam.”

Ban en Banlieue, lying down a paragraph. That could be [  ] how a paragraph crushes time. Crushes duration. For someone reading, alleviating (precluding) endurance [a safety, not having to withstand in so much time].

Ban en Banlieue, and what this means for someone [in so much time], for lying down, for charcoal.

Ban en Banlieue, to write towards “A door you can’t go back through”; (into) the nestedness. Ivy.

Ban en Banlieue, “How do you caption smoke?”

Ban en Banlieue, this this this this this paragraph body Ban body paragraph body Ban body paragraph body Ban body paragraph body Ban body paragraph this this this this this. Nestedness cannot be shown without repeating, returning. Lying down cannot be shown without ground and sky. Sky and ground without which lying down cannot be shown. Point(ing)(ed). Ground | sky. Indi(c)t(ativ)e shaping-pressure.

Ban en Banlieue, “To write a sentence with content more volatile” than that which “contains it.”

Ban en Banlieue, begin with end with beginning and begin again. Sentence. Upon sentence.

Ban en Banlieue, nestedness.

Ban en Banlieue, to write from those “muffled sounds”—

Ban en Banlieue, “Like bones before they are bones. Like eyes in the time that follows talking.”

Ban en Banlieue, “As the event unfolds both after and before.”

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